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A guide of what not to do

So the 1st thing you do is buy some cheap and non effective poison on Ebay. Put it down and wonder why you still have rats. This is why i say NO TO POISON. The reason is the poison the public buy has so much resistance in the country it's not effective and all your doing is feeding the rats and mice,  making the problem worse. If you lay down poison you are at risk of poisoning children and pets and non target wildlife like barn owls.  I visit lots of properties and often come across poison which is left for any animal to eat not just the target pest. So just say NO TO POISON. Call the professionals who know how to treat with effective poison and traps. We will always try and trap the pest using humane traps first, before using poison.  We use the strongest single feed poison not available to the public and are professional use only. Our traps are approved as well.

How do i know if i have rats or mice?

Normally for the home owner the first indication would be noises or scratching from your loft/attic or maybe your bathroom.

Make sure you check around your home regularly as they can and often will chew on your wiring and pipework causing untold damage and spreading disease through their urine and faeces. look around for their droppings about 10 mm long and dark in colour for rats. Mice droppings will be much smaller around 3 mm long. Check under your bath  under the kick boards in the kitchen all common places for rat & mice droppings. If they are in your garden you would see holes in the ground or by fencing and sheds about the size of a tennis ball.

Why do  rats & mice come into my home?

The reason you get rats or mice into your home is simple. They are just trying to  seek shelter if they are cold and where better than your loft, its warm and with an endless supply of food (your kitchen or in the sewer system)it is only natural for rats and mice to nest there. 

Rats and mice are known as commensal rodents meaning they live off mans table.Their teeth grow constantly so they have to chew/gnaw all of the time to wear down the front teeth. This is why they will damage pipes or wiring in your home often causing floods or fires as well as spreading disease. As you can see in the photo i took recently, rats have no problem chewing and gnawing their way through concrete and plastic pipes. This was found in a customers sewer system which once the hole was made the rats would have access to the whole house via the cavity walls

How do rats get into my loft/attic?

There are a number of ways rats enter your loft, they can crawl up a wall if its rough enough or if you have foliage climbing up to the gutters. The most common i see is  via the sewer system as shown in the photo (Left). Often builders will leave open pipes in your home, making it easy for the rats to enter. Even if there are no breaks in your system rats will chew through almost any material including concrete.

How do i prevent rats from my entering my home?

You have a number of options, you can have a drain survey done which whilst fairly expensive can be very useful in finding the entry point of the rats into your home. The cheaper option would be to have a ratflap fitted, a kind of one way metal valve which allows waste water etc to leave your home and prevents rats from coming into your home via the sewer system. Each situation is different so its hard to say which would be the best option for you.

Sonic repellents do not work, so the best option would be to proof your home and make it as hard for them as possible.

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How does the treatment work for rats & mice?
(This is usually around 3 visits to your property.)
1st visit we come round and set up traps or poison making sure its safe to do so,
especially if you have children or pets.
2nd visit we top up bait or poison reset traps remove carcasses.
3rd visit remove any left over carcasses minor proofing and clean up site.
(Rats are very suspicious animals and can be very hard to catch)
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