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Grey squirrel eating bird food

Why control squirrels?

Squirrel control is the only option if they are nesting in your loft/attic.

By law any grey squirrel caught must not be released. We use the most   

Humane traps (you can't use any trap it must  an approved trap)

Red squirrels are protected by law and you must make sure these

are not present when dealing with the grey squirrel.

Grey squirrels can cause extensive damage to your house wiring and 

plumbing causing floods and more seriously fire damage. Grey Squirrels also carry squirrel pox virus which harmless to them but deadly to the native red squirrel.

Did you know?

:Grey squirrels breed twice a year. December to February and May to June. The 1st litter is born February to March, the second in June to July. There are normally 2 to 6 young in each litter. The gestation period is 6 to 7 weeks. The young leave the nest after 10 weeks.

:Grey squirrels build a large untidy nest, or drey, in the treetops or hollow tree trunk. The nest is usually lined with feathers,moss and dried grass.When found in lofts/attics they are usually made up from the insulation.

:Squirrels collect nuts and seeds in the autumn and bury them in hiding places or caches around the wood.

:Grey squirrels are active during the day spending most of its time in the trees, but often coming down for food.

:Grey squirrels do not hibernate so can be seen all year. However in winter they are far less active sometimes sleeping for several days

at a time. So are less spotted during this season.

NB. The introduced grey squirrel has been so successful in displacing the native red squirrel because it is bigger and stronger, able to store and find more food for winter. A second reason is the Parapoxvirus, which causes a fatal infection in red squirrels. Grey squirrels are not infected but act as carriers, spreading the virus to red squirrels in the vicinity.

Thanks Paul from sharp pest control